Gain Credibility as a Complete Newbie

If you are fairly new to the world of business opportunities, then you are probably asking yourself the following question:

“How do I get people to join my business opportunity as a newbie with no experience?”

The answer to that question is simple: gain some credibility.

First you need to ask yourself the following:

“Why would someone join my business opportunity?”

Here are some typical answers:

“Because they can make more money”
“Because my product is the greatest thing”
“Because all the features my product/service has”
“Because we have all the tools you need”
“Because we are in ‘pre-launch'”
“Because of our training”

All these answers are great but there’s one small problem…

Everyone in your company is offering the same thing!

This means that your prospects can essentially join under anyone else in the company -and all those “reasons to join” will be the same as they are with you.

You need to offer something different and stand out.

A great way to do this is by sharing your success with your prospects.

…and you generate success by taking action.

There is absolutely no way around this.

You go out there, generate some type of results -whether its getting traffic, generating leads, or making a sale.

Then you use that success to share with others.

All of a sudden, you are not “just like everyone else in your company”.

All of a sudden, you become a leader.

There are a few more things to become a great leader in your business opportunity but for now, let’s just work with sharing your successes…

If you generated one lead today with one ad -share that with your prospects.

You can use that in your ads.

Did you make your first sale? -share that with your prospects.

Don’t have prospects?

Now may be a good idea to start building an email list.

…but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves -you need to first go out there and get some sort of results.

Once you get that first positive result you will be ahead of 90% of everyone else and you will have more to offer your leads and prospects.

…and you get that first positive result by generating some traffic to your business opportunity.



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