Building a List of Business Opportunity Seekers

Having a list of prospects is important when it comes to growing your business opportunity.

Yet for some reason, most people don’t build a list -they continue to use the replicated landing pages from the company.

This creates a few issues…

  • You never get to create or have your own audience,
  • You are always needing to “grind” to continue to get results,
  • If the company ever shuts down, you’ll need to start from scratch,
  • If you decide to promote something new, you’ll need to start from scratch,
  • If you go to a different company, you’ll need to start from scratch,
  • Everyone is using the same pages -which cause lower conversions,
  • All the leads YOU generate are going to the company owner(s),
  • You will be competing with everyone else in the company,
  • and the list goes on…

Ok, so how do we build a list of business opportunity seekers?

Short answer: you need a landing page, a lead magnet and an autoresponder.

Obviously there is a little more to it than these 3 things so let me touch on each one below.


There are a lot of autoresponders available but the one I keep going back to is Aweber -but this is a personal preference.

Another great one that I’ve used in the past is GetResponse.

If you already have one that isn’t Aweber or GetResponse -that’s fine. You can continue to use it.

One thing you have to make sure is that it is reputable.

If too many people get spam complaints, then your emails will keep going into the spam/junk folders or promotions tab in Gmail.

Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is probably the most important part of building a list.

Essentially, you are bribing people to get on your list in exchange for something -your lead magnet.

The great thing about a lead magnet is that it can be anything you want -but it has to provide some value to your leads.

…and you can deliver that value through an ebook, a PDF download, a video, an audio, consulting, a membership, a webinar, a coaching call, a physical gift through regular mail, a “method” or “guide”, a cheat sheet, etc.

Basically, you want to solve a problem for your leads.

And one more thing on top of this…

Your lead magnet must be related to your main product or service.

After your leads go through your lead magnet, the next logical step should be to join your main business opportunity.

This is very important.

I see a lot of people who give away a really cool lead magnet but their offer is totally unrelated –and if it is related, their is no next step to join or buy something.

You have to remember that you are in business to make money -and you make money when you sell something.

Once you have your lead magnet created the rest is simple.

Lead Capture Page (Squeeze Page)

Your lead capture page has one job and one job ONLY…

…and that is to capture your prospect’s information.

It is up to you what you want to ask for -but generally (not all cases) you will see higher conversions if you just ask for an email.

Your lead capture page should include the following:

  • Your headline (the big promise) -aka: the solution to a problem
  • A few sentences or bullets on what they will receive
  • An opt-in form
  • And MAYBE a picture of the lead magnet –but that’s it.

No links to your social media.
No links to your “about me” page.
No share links.
No other call to action buttons.

There are a few situations where having other stuff can be useful but for the most part -your lead capture page should only be used to “capture leads”.


No one cares about how pretty your page is.

The only thing that is important to your prospects is whether or not you will be able to help them.

Once you got your lead magnet, autoresponder, and lead capture page…

all you have to do is send some traffic to it.



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