Boost Your Results with Traffic Exchanges

When it comes to fast free traffic, one of the best ways to do this is with traffic exchanges.

You can get traffic within minutes -and if you apply the strategies that I will be sharing with you today, you can start generating leads just as fast.

I have used many different traffic exchanges and I see pretty much the same thing everywhere.

The majority of people are promoting their:

  • replicated landing pages,
  • business opportunities,
  • sales videos,
  • sales letters,
  • blogs,
  • corporate websites,
  • product/services pages…

…and all these are fine to promote –if you want to get slow results.

Here’s the thing about promoting any of the above: 99% of everyone else is doing the same thing.

And when you are a “typical” marketer…
…you will get “typical” results.

So how can you use traffic exchanges to get better results for your business?

Short answer: do things just a little bit different than the 99%.

Let me ask you a question that you may not have thought before (I’m guessing).

The people that are on traffic exchanges, what do they want?

Why are they surfing for credits?

The answer is obvious, right?

They are looking for more traffic to their website.

And since everyone on there is looking for more traffic, wouldn’t it be a good idea to promote something that is related to getting more traffic?

I sure think so.

What do you think would happen if you showed up to the traffic exchanges and started teaching people how to get more traffic?

I’ll tell you what would happen…

You will immediately start getting leads.

And that is how you use traffic exchanges to build your list, fast and free.

I could end it here but I’m not going to.

Let me take it one step further…

Here’s a strategy that I use to easily generate leads from traffic exchanges.

Step 1: Create the Right Lead Magnet

The key word there is “right” -the “right” lead magnet.

A lot of people are promoting some kind of lead magnet -which is fine but they don’t have the right lead magnet for this particular traffic source.

So what’s the right lead magnet?

Like I mentioned before -show people how to get more traffic.

However you want to deliver that information is totally up to you.

You have a variety of options:

  • PDF,
  • video,
  • audio,
  • webinar,
  • ebook,
  • course,
  • email,
  • article,
  • membership,
  • skype call,
  • …and the list goes on.

Step 2: Delivery

Now that you have a lead magnet, you need to figure out how you are going to deliver it.

Again, you have many options here:

  • a download page,
  • an email,
  • a physical product through mail,
  • a YouTube link, etc.

Step 3: Lead Capture Page

Now that you have a lead magnet and know how you will deliver it, you need a lead capture page.

You can also call this a squeeze page or landing page.

One of the biggest mistakes the “average” marketer makes is not building a list.

Remember, you want to be above average –and you do this by doing things that the average person isn’t willing to do.

This includes building a list.

So create yourself a lead capture page or pay someone to do it for you.

After this, you will need one more thing…

Step 4: Splash Page

By now you should have 3 things ready: a lead magnet, a delivery method, and a lead capture page.

You see, most marketers stop there.

We’re gonna do things just a little better.

We’re gonna add a splash page to your campaign.

If you don’t know what a splash page is, it’s basically a page with a splash on it –just kidding.

It’s a page with either a link, a banner, an ad, or an image –basically a call to action to click a link on the page.

The whole point of the splash page is to get that click.


You want to get people off the traffic exchange site and on to your lead capture page -for a few reasons.

First, most people on traffic exchanges are just (mindlessly) surfing through sites to build up their credits -because they want more traffic.

Second, you want to get them over to your own world –whether its your blog, your lead capture page, your email list, etc.

This is especially important because its a little hard to help your leads if they are focused on earning credits –they simply won’t pay much attention to your message.

So use a splash page.

Once you have everything setup your funnel should begin on the traffic exchange with your splash page…

When they click the link on your splash page, they will be taken to your lead capture page -where they will sign up to your email list and get the lead magnet.

And that is how you boost your results in your business with traffic exchanges.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should use traffic exchanges to build your list.

Yes, try to make sales too but focus on building a list first –once on your list, focus on making sales through your emails.



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